Auditing and Accounting Services

A significant part of our work is in connection with audits of commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations and governmental units. In addition to annual audits, special auditing or accounting services of a different nature or for a different purpose are frequently requested by our clients. Such assignments include special examinations to uncover fraud or error and reports on special presentations such as compliance features of loan agreements and other contracts.

Not all financial statements are audited. Clients often ask us to help prepare unaudited financial statements. Although our work during the course of these engagements is not to examine the financial statements, in order to prepare such statements, which are meaningful and useful, we must become generally familiar with the client's operations.

Our clients consider the continuing year-round advice we offer them on accounting and other problems to be of major value. Examples of these services include assistance in financial planning and forecasting, analysis and advice regarding purchase or sale of a business and recommendations regarding accounting systems, procedures and organizational problems.

We try to anticipate problems so that they can be dealt with before they become critical.

Other Services:

  • Audit, Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements (Business and Personal)
  • Attestation Engagements Conducted in Accordance With the Department of Education Audit Guide
  • Bookkeeping Services (including monthly/annual reporting)
  • Payroll Services
  • Pension Plan Accounting and Audits

We are proud to have served:

Agricultural cooperatives

Apartment houses, office buildings

Auto and equipment leasing

Auto dealerships

Charitable and other not-for profit organizations

Cities and special governmental districts

Commodity and produce brokers

Construction - general and specialized contractors

Country Clubs

Economic research and consultation

Engineering firms

Equipment and parts dealerships

Farm and ranch operations

Finance companies

Fraternal organizations, social clubs

Insurance brokers

Investment companies

Law firms


Medical clinics


Packing houses

Pension and profit-sharing plans

Physician and dental practices

Real Estate brokers

Real Estate developers

Restaurant operations

Retail and wholesale


School districts

Travel agents

Trucking companies